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Bubba’s Smoky Mountain Cuisine and Catering in Eugene, OR started eight years ago as an experiment to train Special Education students at the high school level. As educators we noticed that many students did not have beginning prerequisite job skills. We approached the district to set up a training program that worked in parallel with the school cafeteria. At first we made their sandwiches and salads while training youth in social graces, work ethic and teamwork. These trainees are now our employees. We taught them “SOUTHERN STYLE WITH GRACE.?

The Bubba’s team has won several awards for “Best Fair Food.? We pride ourselves on our Eugene, Oregon BBQ. Our reputation for good food in Eugene, Oregon has preceded us, as we are constantly invited to new events because of the quality of the product, reliability, commitment and honesty.

We specialize in a Carolina style BBQ flavor. As with all good BBQ it is smoked and cooked with at very low temperatures. The difference is in the type of mops and sauces that are used in the BBQ phase or the actual sauce that is on the meat. Parts of Carolina relies on the use of vinegar, cayenne and red pepper flakes, while other parts rely on the use of mustard and other seasonings. They are both very robust in flavor as well as the Texas and Memphis style kinds.

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All of our sauces, BBQ meats are made fresh on the premises. All meats and produce are procured the day before the event and are cooked that evening before the event. We do not use any re-heats or frozen entrees.

We offer a FULL SERVICE to our customers from the start (planning, plate service, serving to the end (clean up). It is our commitment you.

We offer a wide range of menu offerings: Pulled Pork, Tri-tip, Brisket, Pork Spare Ribs, BBQ Chipotle Chicken, Apple Smoked Turkey. All meals include a choice of two side items: Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Fresh Fruit Medley, Collard Greens, Banana and Salad Southern Style Baked Beans.